Welcome to Ss. Columba-Brigid Parish!

We thank Fr. Roy Herberger for his 19 years of service to the parish, and Fr. Joe Garriolo for 38 years of serving the Spanish-speaking community!

Fr. William J. Weiksnar, ofm (Fr. Jud) is the pastor, and Brother Tim Dauenhauer, ofm is in residence.
Br. Tim and Fr. Jud are Franciscan friars of Holy Name Province. (That's what the ofm means after their names, Order of Friars Minor. That means, order of lesser brothers.)

The parish phone number is 716-852-3331
The parish e-mail is sscolumbabrigid@gmail.com
Find us on Facebook: Sscolumba-brigid Rc Church

Our parish office is located in the Teen Center building at 75 Hickory Street. Our secretary, Karen, is in the office from 1-4, Monday-Friday. We also have volunteers staffing the office as much as possible on weekdays from 9-1.

Our Staff:

Pastor: Fr. William "Jud" Weiksnar, ofm
Pastoral Associates: Carmen R. Rivera and Paula Hunt
Director of Religious Education: Leo Reiter
Finance Committee Chair: Bill Marks
Music Ministers: Cory Gallagher (Saturday), Brian Simmons (Sunday)
Choir Director: Linda Martin
Youth: Mary Montes
Family Promise: Paula Hunt
Church Hall Rental: call 716-852-3331
Communion Visitations: Dennis Hunt
Ministries Coordinator: Margaret Frainier (Saturday 4 p.m. Mass), Carmen R. Rivera (Sunday 9 a.m. Mass), Sandy Villa (Sunday 11 a.m. Mass)